After moving from Germany to Los Angeles in 2017, Lena joined the team in January 2018 during her Marketing studies at UCLA. With her knowledge and skills in the field of marketing and advertising she adds value and extends the services of La Bouffier Photography as a Content Creator and Photography Assistant. . Lena's diverse background with a Bachelor's degree in linguistics, extensive experience in copywriting, digital marketing, social media marketing, brand management and PR are giving her the ability to create amazing campaigns and to visualize La Bouffier Photography's projects.


LA BOUFFIER PHOTOGRAPHY was founded 2016 by Denise Bouffier, a German/American freelance Photographer, with a Bachelor’s degree in Filmmaking. During her studies she also founded the film production company Priory Studios. After graduating, Denise put all of her energy into creating her own photography portfolio. With passion she pursued her dream of living in the US and moved from Germany to Los Angeles in 2016. She is currently working for a large variety of companies and individuals. Her clients are brands, celebrities, artists, actors, models, TV-hosts, musicians and private people. 





The one CREATIVE MEDIA POWER DUO in LA that provides brands/influencers/artists/professionals/pr agencies and private people with outstanding content - Combined with digital marketing techniques and the management & handling of effective strategies and campaigns across all relevant (social) media platforms.

We think outside the box.

We create diverse content and memories every single day- and we want to tell your story, too. We grow your online presence, build buzz, drive awareness and help to monetize it.

Working with us gives you access to our strong network of other creative professionals, agencies,models and influencers - as well as the skills and tools we have, our experience and knowledge.


Our absolute passion is storytelling and content creation - and we have a policy: nothing but quality. Shoot us an email or give us a call for more insights and information.


Thank you for being part of our journey!


Lena & Denise