Every photographer’s dream became reality for us, when the cover picture we took for Kris James’ new single “Get Back to Love” graced one of the most desired billboard spots in NEW YORK, TIMES SQUARE.

We shot the singer’s cover when he was in Los Angeles this summer for the music video shoot of the new single, where we also shot the behind the scenes footage (see previous blog post). 

Seeing your photo on a gigantic billboard in New York is still overwhelming and almost unreal for us, since we always dreamed of such an achievement. Every time we drove by all the glamorous billboards on Sunset Boulevard in LA, we were making jokes about how awesome it would be to shoot a billboard campaign one day. Never ever would we have imagined that this will turn into reality so fast! 

Our thanks go out to Kris James, who is not only a crazy talented singer and songwriter, but also a wonderful and genuine human being that became a close friend of ours. His Team in London, ED Hopkins PR, Joe and Jack Cooper, - and everybody else who’s hard work and dedication made the dream work.

The single “Get back to love” is now available on Spotify and Apple Music – and the billboard will provide some major eye-candy during the Christmas Season in Time Square, New York.


Denise and Lena