Voyage LA Magazine Interview

Find out more about our business, our journey and daily life in the "trailblazers"-series ( rewriting the narrative ) in the Voyage LA Magazine!

Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of. I am one half of TEAM LA BOUFFIER – The one CREATIVE MEDIA POWER DUO in LA that provides brands/companies/influencers/artists/professionals/PR agencies and private people with outstanding content – Combined with digital marketing techniques and the management & handling of effective strategies and campaigns across all relevant (social) media platforms.

We think outside the box. We create diverse content and memories every single day- and we want to tell stories. We grow an online presence, build buzz, drive awareness and help to monetize it.

Working with us gives our clients access to our strong network of other creative professionals, agencies, models, and influencers – as well as the skills and tools we have, our experience and knowledge. Our absolute passion is storytelling and content creation – and we have a policy: nothing but quality.

What sets us apart from others is that we offer creative content AND the suiting (digital) marketing strategies and campaigns ALL AT ONCE. We make sure that all parts and pieces are aligning with the client’s unique vision and desired final result. Our “German work ethic” might be another advantage: we are never late, we are absolutely reliable and extremely motivated to meet and exceed every client’s expectations.

We are most proud of our broad range of diverse clients and projects. I love my job and the variety of unique tasks.

Whether we are shooting products at one of the beaches nearby, a fashion line in Beverly Hills or the dog of a famous Rapper in a fancy studio… no day is ever the same!

Sometimes, we are blessed to capture the evolvement of a whole family: starting with an engagement-shoot of a couple, then their wedding, their Christmas cards and maybe a year later we take pictures of their first baby. At the moment we are also consulting different doctors that need a makeover of their whole image, digital platforms and help with their social media marketing.

Further, we have all kinds of talented artists that we follow around, create and handle their content. We design campaigns for Influencer and YouTuber, TV Hosts and other public figures.

We even work with event organizations occasionally on weekends, other times we cut and edit videos from dusk till dawn, and the day after we might be in Las Vegas at a Photo Convention. Our office is the whole city of LA and the surrounding areas and it is so exciting that we never really know what’s next. But what we know for sure is that there’s barely a better feeling than helping others to succeed while being able to unleash our own creativity – which fulfills us the most.